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One Line, One Love: Gail Boenning

Episode 2: It's not about the money...

Author: Gail Boenning

Book: Poise: Facing Cancer with Grace and Resilience

One Line: “Daddy — Look!” exclaims the young girl at my back. “She has rainbow hair!”

Still trying to sort out what to do with a newly bald head, I experiment with a five-foot-long, vibrantly-colored scarf. I wrap and knot with the aid of a purple rubber band. I stand at the kiosk checking in for the day’s chemotherapy infusion and hear the voice of a child who sees… beauty?

“Daddy — Look!” exclaims the young girl at my back. “She has rainbow hair!”

I took a tiny leap of courage that morning, calling attention to my head, rather than trying to hide it.

Hearing the enthusiasm and admiration in the little girl’s voice told me I’d made a good decision. Instead of making me weak, cancer was giving me strength to become somebody new.

5 Truths About Gail:

  • Pushes her limits and paints new horizons — like podblogging!

  • Loves and embraces LIFE

  • Finds fascination in people, nature, books, and films

  • Loves family, friends, and her four-legged walking companion Henrietta — woof!

  • Accepts lessons from all sources, including tea bag tags and chocolate wrappers (Live Light, Travel Light, Be the Light — Give yourself up to what the moment brings.)

Visit Gail at:
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Prompt Invitation

Write an 11 word sentence to describe who/what/how you want to be.

I feel you Fear, but I keep going because I’m brave.

One Line, One Love believes in baby steps.
Sharing your writing is the first step toward pursuing your writing dream. 
C’mon — Shine!
Share your 11 word sentence in the comment section below.