One Line, One Love: Karen DeBonis

Episode 5: Honesty Builds Trust

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Author: Karen DeBonis

Book: Growth: A Mother, Her Son, and the Brain Tumor They Survived

One Line: If I’d held a sign fresh from the womb, it would have read “FRAGILE: HANDLE WITH CARE.”

Karen sums up this sentence in one word:

This line shows the innate origins of my people-pleasing.

5 Truths About Karen:

  • I'm an introvert and occasional extrovert wannabe.

  • I'm an empath. I don’t feel the world’s pain as deeply as John Coffey, the prisoner in The Green Mile, but I empathize with his burden.

  • I'm an HSP—Highly Sensitive Person—otherwise known as “leaky faucet,” per my son Steve.

  • I'm a good listener (a lost art).

  • I'm an over-thinker. Can you tell?

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Karen’s Prompt Invitation

When I cry at something I’ve written it means ______________.

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