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One Line, One Love: Jay Armstrong

Episode 1: An Interview Fueled by Swedish Fish

Author: Jay Armstrong

Book: Ordinary Hero: The Power of Building Character One Step at a Time

One Line: Small talk seems small when you’re considering the bigness of forever.

I chose this line to share with you because I often find myself thinking about time’s fleeting nature, life’s brevity, and the urge we all feel to have meaningful conversations. Writing has offered me the opportunity to have these meaningful conversations. Conversations--with both family and strangers---that have enriched my life and have helped me explore a more authentic part of myself. 

5 Truths About Jay:

  • Father of three children

  • Married his high school sweetheart

  • Was diagnosed with a rare, progressive brain disease in 2013

  • Has written two books Bedtime Stories for the Living and Ordinary Hero both of which are nonfiction books that explore how to overcome life’s challenges while learning to be your most authentic self

  • Writes weekly letters to his readers on his blog

Visit Jay at:
Amazon Author Page
Write On Fight On Blog
Jay Armstrong, Writer (Facebook)

Prompt Invitation
Complete the simile:
Writing is like______________.

One Line, One Love believes in baby steps.
Sharing your writing is the first step toward pursuing your writing dream. 
C’mon — Shine!
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